So a little bit more about Wynnie.
Raised in a world that intersected between textiles, electrical engineering, and a 50-acre cow farm 🐮, tinkering, handiwork, and making objects out of odds + ends were things that have shaped who I am as a designer and researcher today.

I am insatiably curious 🔎.
You will always find me asking questions, trying to understand the underlying layers of a person's experience. I also enjoy taking things apart to study how the pieces connect and work together. 

I am adventurous 
To tinker and explore the land of ambiguity and unknown is my jam, especially when it comes to merging technology and design.  

I am very tactile and hands-on
I am the most inspired when I touch and make things. I am an advocate for paper prototyping when possible.

I get excited and will thrive in teams that value:
research, creativity, openness, mentorship, and flexibility.

When I am not geeking out in design or reading research papers...
You will find me perfecting the coffee crema on my espresso, enjoying dad jokes, and chilling with Bork, my 90lb. german shepherd. He will lick your face off

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My Research Publications
Over the span 6+ years as a HCI design-researcher, my work has been showcased, presented and published at various top-tier Human Computer Interaction Conferences (CHI, TEI, DIS, ISEA, CHINESE CHI).

Chung, W. (Fall 2019) Designing for the Kinaesthetic Experience: A Somatic Approach to Developing Soft Wearable Prototypes to Support Self-Regulation. Master of Arts Thesis. Simon Fraser University.
Thesis defended without edits.

Ip, E, Lee, S.,
Chung, W., Schiphorst, T. (2015) A Wearable Experiment to Radiate Prosocial Wellbeing Through Psychophysiological Mirroring of Laughter, ISEA 2015: Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art, 14th-18th August 2015, Vancouver, Canada

Chung, W., Ip, E., Lee, S., Schiphorst, T. (2015) Repurposing Laughter in a Wearable Design for Social Interaction, ISEA 2015, 14th-18th August 2015, Vancouver, Canada 

Chung, W., Ip., E., Schiphorst, T. (2015) Weaving Historical-Cultural Narratives within Bio-Responsive Wearable Design, Chinese CHI 2015, 18th-19th April 2015, Seoul, South Korea
*Received Best Poster Award

Ip., E., Chung, W., Lee, S., Schiphorst, T. (2014) Wo.Defy: A Wearable, Historical Narrative told through Somatic Self-Experience and Self-Reflection, DUXU 2014 (HCII 2014), 22nd-27th June 2014, Crete, Greece, Springer International Publishing Press, pp.285-296. 

Lee, S.,
Chung, W., Ip, E., Schiphorst, T. (2014) The Laughing Dress: Evoking Prosocial Interaction Among Strangers, CHI EA’14: CHI '14 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Toronto, Canada, ACM Press, pp. 2143-2148. 

Chung, W., Ip, E., Schiphorst, T. (2013) Wo.Defy: Designing Wearable Technology in the Context of Historical Cultural Resistance Practices, ISEA 2013: Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Sydney University Press, pp.1-3. 

Schiphorst, T.,
Chung, W., Ip, E. (2013) Wo.Defy: Wearable Interaction Design Inspired by a Chinese 19th Century Suffragette Movement, TEI '13: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction, Barcelona, Spain, ACM Press, pp. 319-322.
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