The creation of three functional tactile prototypes act as the second project of my master’s thesis research, over the span of 2 months from design, development, and evaluation.

Lilypad Arduino, Textile Manipulations, Paper Prototyping

Active Touch Experiential Sessions, Open-ended Conversational Interviews

NVivo 12, Microsoft Excel, Canon SL1 DSLR, Zoom H4n audio-recorder, Handwritten notebook

Conducted end-to-end design & research supervised by Dr. Thecla Schiphorst. Prototyping in Arduino Lilypad, tangible and visual interaction design, user research, user testing, analysis & findings presentation.

In the space of designing interactions for emerging tech, which still requires much experimentation and exploration, this project approaches the challenges of accessing and articulating the tacit nuances of what physical stress feels like within the body.  
HCI research on shape changing surfaces reveal the use movement and touch for exploration and expression.  Using this as design inspiration, by combining the rich communicative qualities of movement with soft materials, these prototypes present kinetic movements of compression and expansion expressions to engage users’ visual and tactile senses.  
The kinetic, material, and movement aesthetics embedded in the designs of Bloom, Mice, and Pleats are developed to support the user's ability to access and articulate how stress and stress-release (relaxation) can be felt on their body.

When we use movement to design for the experience and not for the interaction, we emphasize on the notion of expressivity and the meaning behind movement qualities. 

The explorations on movement across new interactive experiences in tangible and digital mediums, can help us understand how the moving body can facilitate meaningful experiences across the dimensions of time and space. 

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